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I had so much fun the other week working on a sweet surprise for this most beautiful brides fiancé.

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I am so excited to finally share a few more images from my recent Propel Workshop with Caroline Tran that were just featured on On To Baby!











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high speed film and boudoir shoots are a match made in heaven!

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a couples boudoir shoot

I love boudoir shoots! I love the privacy, the intimacy, the anticipation, the little bit of nerves and confidence all bundled and leading to capturing us in such a beautiful moment. While I have done a fair number of boudoir shoots this was my first couples shoot and I am so excited to share!

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Last weekend I did a little boudoir shoot and as much as I would love to post the entire shoot, in the interest of privacy am just posting this one…

 Posted by: Meg Runion

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