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Hi friends out there!! Major lack of blogging lately… been crazy busy getting ready for our upcoming wedding which is just around the corner!!! YAY.  I think I have officially fallen into the black hole of diy and haven’t even come up to talk about all the fun weddings I have been shooting! I have also been holding back on posting details of the wedding, lots of fun surprises and am keeping my lips sealed until September 15!!!

My goal is to post a few recent weddings soon… I just need to pull myself away from the painting, sewing, building, and overall crafting madness happening around here!



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We’re back!

Back to the real world this morning as we return from shooting a most amazing wedding in the Caymans! If you have never been to the Cayman Islands you should; beautiful, safe, easy to get to from the east coast, amazing food, I could go on and on…

I am catching up on emails now… turns out my auto response only works while my computer is on so I apologize to those of you who have not heard back from me in the past few days.

Lots of new blog posts I am excited to work on this week, some film photos from New York, an engagement shoot from around UVA grounds and Jefferson Vineyards, and family shoots. I love this time of year!

I also wanted to share a “wedding sale” going on at ReBinder. For those of you who have seen my office you know how it is lined with these notebooks and many more goodies from this eco friendly company. Kraft paper everything, its my heaven. So today when this coupon popped up in my in box I wanted to share the goodness and a few ideas of how you can incorporate these wonderful products into your wedding.

Photo collage taken from ReBinder website and credited to:
He and She Photo, Rustic White Photography, Stephanie Hunter Photography, and Busy Beaver Buttons

Ok, back to emails and editing. Have a joyful day!


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happy monday

the view of my desk this morning. nothing like spring flowers to start off the week.

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happy spring!

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Happy Wednesday


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well hello December

Wow.  Not quite sure how December snuck up so fast; feels like it should still be October! come to think of it I don’t think I have even blogged since October. What a year it has been… amazing weddings, fabulous family shoots, a little bit of travel and an engagement… of my own:) yaaay!!  it feels completely and utterly amazing to be on the other side of wedding planning and I can wait to share all the details of our day as they start to come together. there will be lots of fun details and LOTS of diy projects and I look forward to sharing all my experiences of planning as the day gets closer.

A soon to be hubs did a pretty amazing job on the bling… lucky for me he found his way to  Tavia Brown, one of my most favorite local designers, who helped create a pretty darn spectacular and totally unique ring:

super funky, right? I love it!

so the next piece to the story is the how, when, and where…

for my birthday (back in may) my parents gift to me was a hot air balloon ride for Landon and I. I have always wanted to go on a balloon ride and was totally surprised. well, it didn’t take long for my wheels to start spinning and think that as much as my parents love me this was a pretty generous gift, leaving only one conclusion, it was a conspiracy. A couple of months went by and calling to schedule our ride was on my to do list but with wedding season in full swing it got pushed aside for a few months. finally we called Rick over at Boars Head Ballooning and scheduled a ride for early november. as the day drew closer I was definitely growing a bit suspicious but as much as I was  thinking and hoping that something this exciting was about to happen I couldn’t get my hopes up too high just in case my radar was off.

our flight was scheduled for early in the morning and we were suppose to be to the Boar’s Head at 7am. I had it all planned out… I was going to put a little bit of makeup on the night before and sleep with it on because I knew he would think I was acting funny if i got up early in the morning to primp. so a little bit of eye liner and mascara that I would just touch up in the morning should do the trick. 6:00 am my phone rings, turns out that despite the fact that it is going to be a beautiful day it was just a bit too windy to take a big ol balloon out for a ride. well darn. we were able to get rescheduled for the following day so I would have to wait another day to see if my suspicions were correct. the rest of the morning was pretty normal… breakfast at la taza, some errands, a little bit of work, and just as I was getting ready for the engagement shoot and senior portrait sessions that I had that afternoon I came bouncing down the steps to see Landon in the kitchen writing on our chalkboard wall, just as I look over I see this…

wow. I don’t think I have ever had such exciting butterflies. Best feeling ever! and the best part, I was totally caught off guard. No idea it would happen at that moment.

These past few weeks have been full of wedding planning and I honestly had no idea how much fun it is to be a bride!! The major pieces are coming together… we have a date, location, flowers, cake, I even have the timeline for the day set (a little crazy i know but it is what im good at…). still a few things to figure out and then time to get crafting for some diy fun! in the meantime I will be catching up on blogging from all the fabulous shoots I have had over the past couple months including weddings at the Homestead, the Hay Adams, the Greenbrier, and the Clifton Inn.

oh, in case you were wondering… the balloon ride was not originally a conspiracy… I do think however my parents were ready to marry me off and hoping he might take advantage of the situation. Well-played mom and dad.

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I am so excited about the new shoe company, SweetU. A local family business aiming to bring college, fashion and style together to students, alumni and family who celebrate with pride in their schools. Their  shoes are designed to showcase school pride at alumni events, tailgates or for a night on the town. I have a pair of the flats and pumps and love them! Visit their Facebook page or their website for more info.

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