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we ran into their parents while we were in the middle of the shoot and i couldn’t help but take a couple pics of them too… how cute are they…

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I had so much fun with Emily and Rafael for their engagement shoot last weekend in Brooklyn. Cant wait for the wedding this fall!

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happy birthday

hard to believe my sweet puppy turns 8 today!

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Kim & Todd {first dance}

Somewhere by Colm Wilkinson

Somewhere a place for us

Peace and quiet and open air

Wait for us somewhere

There’s a time for us

Someday a time for us

Time together with time to spare

Time to learn, time to care, someday!

Somewhere, we’ll find a new way of living

We’ll find a way of forgiving, somewhere

There’s a place for us

A time and place for us

Hold my hand and we’re halfway there

Hold my hand and I’ll take you there

Somehow, someday, somewhere


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sweet smiles

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wedding planning update

Wow, being a bride is more than I ever expected. More fun, joyful, detail oriented, overwhelming (in a good way), and filled with more options than I could ever imagine! I have to admit I do have a bit of an advantage being in the industry myself I know where to go with questions, any additional info needed, and almost a wealth of unlimited helpful resources but with all that at my finger tips my head still swims with options, detail possibilities, well… I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about.

The save the dates just went out and the feeling when I handed them over to the postman was so joyful… not only did I just complete the first major diy project but it was now official, pretty envelopes with information on the way to all of our loved friends and family… hooray! There have been a few things so far that have I have come across in my journey so far as a bride that have been super helpful and would love to share with those of you out there planning your own wedding.

First, wedding websites. Oh how I despised this idea at first… really… a website about us?? I’m not comfortable talking about myself (not to be mistaken with the love of talking in general, I’m pretty sure I could rival a middle school girl with my phone skills, but when it comes to getting personal it takes a lot)… and what made it even more painful was all the websites just weren’t what I wanted to represent us and the feel of our wedding. Finally I came across Wedding JOJO. At first I didn’t love the templates but then I discovered you can customize them in style and color and choose how much or how little info you wish to share. the set up was super easy and in the end  I couldn’t be happier. I chose the “craft” theme and in the end this is how it looks…

Another site that looks super fabulous for creating a custom website is Appy Couple. The site wasn’t quite up and running yet when I was researching options but it looks super fabulous and definitely worth checking out.

Second favorite find in my soon to be a bride journey is My Registry, a fabulous website where instead of just registering at a couple of stores you can combine all your favorite finds from limitless stores onto one platform. Genius. Registering for gifts was such a strange idea in itself, how many, price ranges, store selections, was there etiquette I needed to know about  (a couple good articles on this here and here) … turns out there is a lot of info and thought that goes into this!  In the end we were able to select the pates we loved from one store, flatware from another, combined with all the other this and that’s, even including honeymoon activities. In addition to what I would call a “box store”  I really wanted to include a local store on our registry and couldn’t be more excited about all the help and wonderful finds from Roxie Daisy. For all you Charlottesville folk, if you haven’t been in this store yet, it is a must!!

Third, there are several local resources to help find vendors that will make your day and your vision come together. Claire Goodman, amazing person, minister, and local business connoisseur extraordinaire, has two fabulous resources to help with local vendors and inspiration. The first is the Charlottesville Area Weddings Blog where she features real weddings and inspiration. Second, One Sweet Wedding, a new resource featuring information on local vendors. My other favorite local resources include the Wedding Planner Magazine, where you will find oodles of eye candy and ideas to help with planning.

Fourth and final thought for today… Pinterest! My recent obsession. If you aren’t already on there, clear your calendar for the rest of your day and enjoy oodles and oodles of beautiful photos, ideas, recipes, and inspiration in just about any category you could imagine.

Here is a tease sneak peek of the save the dates… detailed photos of this diy project coming soon…

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Misha & Kenny {married}

Wedding and reception: The Clifton Inn

nothing says fabulous wedding like a party gorilla…

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one year ago today…

happy anniversary to Julia and Marc

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happy monday

the view of my desk this morning. nothing like spring flowers to start off the week.

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